Best Android Phone in India [December 2017]

Best Android Phone, Android Mobile Phones are the top Selling mobile in this decades, now a days everyone has a need of Phone and it should be an Android Phone.

But Here is the Question comes into our Mind, how to choose or how to be select a prefect Android because now a days almost all of the Mobile Company offering their Mobiles with Googles Android OS (Operating System).

As a Result, the question is raise, How to select a Android Mobile Phone for my use.

We are already Posted almost all the Best Price Ranges of Mobiles like

How to Compare a Feature and Select Best Android Phone

Operating System

  • First of all, Operating System (OS) is the UI (User Interface) between the User and the Hardware (here, the Hardware mean to the Mobile Hardware).
  • Here we are talking about Android Mobile Phone, so absolutely  the OS is Android (a Google Product).


  • As Computer. Mobile Phones  also have a Processor, not only Computer and Mobile Phone every Electronics Product have a Processor it may or may not be named as processor, But set of Instruction are processed by the Processor unit only.
  • Almost every mobile  brand gives a best processor because of competition in the Market.
  • But we have to check the Gigahertz (GHz), it represents the speed of the Processor.


  • Every Android Phone Users and Android Phone Dreams Hears the word RAM,
  • Before Launching of Android OS, RAM was not a common word, its only used by computer experts and users. But Android change this history and now everyone knows what is RAM, and the use of RAM no need to explain more.
  • RAM is Random Access Memory, simply say for open a App Memory is Required, the first used memory to open is RAM.


  • Next to that, Display…. It Many of us gives first preference to the Display, they may be ignore the above three but, they are not buy without know the display.
  • Display is Important Part of this Product, can be give first preference, but display not only important so try  not to ignore the above three.
  • Display can be adjustable for the above three, but not adjustable the above three for display.
  • Here my mean of adjustable only for the size of display.
  • But you have to check the display model.


  • Now Manufacture of Mobile Phones using Android OS are Improved the Battery Backup as compared to the previous years.
  • You can check milli Ampere hour (just written as  …….. mAh) its the capacity of the battery. You can approx compare the battery by this.


  • Last but not least, Camera everyone prefers it… Its a time of Selfie so, obviously a required to a front camera.
  • Everyone know the Mega Pixel (MP), Preference of Camera is as per your wish and your budget

These all are enough to select a good Android Mobile Phones

best android phone

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