Best Hindi Novels – Top Read Novel books [2020]

Novels are friction, long stories, which can take us to the new world, even in the modern world books are played and vital roles. here we have listed some interested and best Hindi novels books, you can buy and enjoy it very sure.

Karm Bhumi (Hindi)

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Author – Munshi Premchand

Karmabhoomi is set in the Uttar Pradesh of the 1930s. 
By the beginning of the 20th century, 
Islam and Hinduism had coexisted in India for over a thousand years. 
Barring the occasional outbursts of violence, 
the two religious communities had lived together peacefully and 
shared strong social bonds except marriage. 
English education, however, drove a wedge between the communities.

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Rahasya (Hindi)

Author – Rhonda Byrne

इस पुस्तक में एक ऐसा रहस्य बताया गया है, 
जो सुख, संपत्ति, शोहरत यानी आपकी हर मनचाही चीज़ की गारंटी देता है। 
यह दुनिया का सबसे अनमोल रहस्य आखि़ार क्या है? यह जानना महत्वपूर्ण है, 
क्योंकि इस पर अमल करने से आपकी जि़ंदगी बदल सकती है।

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Sharat Chandra ten Novels set

Author – Sharat Chandra

Set of 10 famous novels by Sarat Chandra - 
Path ke Davedar, Chandranath, Manjhali Didi, 
Grahdah, Vipradas, Dutta, Brahamin ki Beti, 
Shesh Parichay, Parineeta and Biraj Bahu.



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