Best Wifi Extender and Wifi Repeater in India | May 2022

Here we have listed some of the best Wifi Extender and Wifi Repeaters in India May 2022, we also give some tips to buy which one Wifi extender or Wifi Repeater which suits you perfectly, lets come to the topic.

Wifi Extender vs Wi Repeater what?

  • Both wifi Extender and Repeater works as Wi-fi Ampliflier and Wifi booster respectively, i know you may confused more, lets read the complete story.

Difference Between Wifi Extender vs Wifi Repeater?

Before knowing the difference, first of all we need to know clearly, what exactly the wifi Extender and wifi repeater is.

What is Wifi Extender and How is Works ?

A wifi Extender is an Extender that extends or broadcasts the same wireless signal to other parts of your home or office, this device (wifi extender) is connected to a router/modem with a wire or cable. Lets give you an simple example:

  • Think you have a house of 2 floors, your wifi signal are weak on this floor because your modem / router are at ground floor, now you put a wifi extender in the 2 floor, this extender need to connect with a wire / cable with your ground floor modem / router, now your amplifying the same wireless signal to this second floor, it was connected to a cable, so no signal is wasted.

What is Wifi Repeater and How is Works ?

Wifi repeaters are works like a booster which is connected with your router or modem wifi wireless and rebroadcast a new wireless network. Example:

  • Think the same house as above said, this Wifi Repeater will be placed to the next room or floor where till your ground floor router wifi reaches. From there the repeater will booster a new wifi signal.

Which is Better Wifi Repeater or Wifi Extender?

  • Wifi Extender is costlier than Wifi Repeater.
  • Wifi repeater releases 50% of the total bandwidth, but in this case, Wifi Extender broadcast its full bandwidth.
  • Wifi Repeater is connect with your router via wireless signal, so cant place near to tv or other signal providing electronics, while Wifi Extender is connected with wire, so you can anywhere as you like and you get good signals.
  • The only drawbacks of Wifi Extender is you need to be wired and its costlier compare to Repeater, This Drawbacks are not an issue if you need a good signal and range.


Best Wi-Fi Extender in India 2021

TP-Link TL-WA850RE N300 [Wifi Range Extender]

TP-Link TL-WA850RE N300-best wifi extender in India 2020 with good range






Price  @ Rs 1,399/-
Input Type [Connectivity Type]: RJ45
Type: Wifi Range Extender
Speed: 300 Mbps
Suitable with: Any Modem or Router with Ethernet Port
See More Details



TP-Link Archer C6 



Best Wifi Extender in India | May 2022

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