Laptop Buying Guide : Buy a Best Laptop

Laptop Buying Guide: How to Buy a Best Laptop

Buying a best Laptop is Little bit confusion  for everyone, here some Laptop buying guide which will help you to select a better one for you.

Everyone has unique needs and purpose for buying it. Depending upon that, you have to decide for which purpose or use your buying the Laptop. Okay, now we are classify it into 4 Categories of Laptops depending upon the use :

  1. Laptops for Business
  2. Laptops for Students
  3. Laptops for Gaming, and
  4. Laptops for Entertainments

Just think and ….

  1. Laptops for Business : For buying a Business Laptop, you have to follow some condition like you should be a businessman and you should not sleep at while reading this post. just awake… just skip the last line and continue okay, We say Business Laptop because we have to use some Special business purpose Application/ Software like 3D Architecture, AutoCAD etc. which requires some additional features or higher Performance in our Laptop. [See : Best 5 Laptops for Business]

  2. Laptops for Gaming : Gaming Laptops requires High RAM, High Graphics and Higher Resolution Based on it [ you can See: Best Laptop for Gaming] , if our your playing online games or Highers resolution Games, your Laptop should be 2GB Graphics or more, 8 Gb RAM, processor should be core i7 or i5 or AMD 10 or more.

  3. Laptops for Students : Now a days, every student required a laptop, we all know why ?  [point 2, Happy Ha!]. Students f Laptops do not required any higher performance Laptop but if you buying some preferring some features like Graphics 1 or 2 gb, latest version of processor then it will be helpful for future. [ See: Some Best Laptops for Students 2016].

  4. Laptops for Entertainment : It does not require require high performance or high price laptop, but we should prefer it would be with good graphics for better resolution [see: Best Laptops for Entertainment].

Features you need to Check before buy Laptop:

  • Central Processing unit (CPU) or Processor
  • RAM
  • Hard Disk
  • Display
  • Graphics
  • Battery
  • Operating System (OS)
  • DVD Drive
  • Usb 3.0
  • Web Camera etc.


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