Want to develop an app like UBER and know how much it cost?

Hello friends, I have learned and collects some great information about how to develop an app like UBER and I am going to share with you about how to develop and what will be the project cost of UBER development.

UBER is one of the Popular App for cab booking around the world and many of us want to know about it.

Develop an App like UBER : Modules  of APP

Uber consists of 2 modules:

  • UBER for Public (Passenger)
    • Manage personal and profile details
    • Booking Cab / Taxi
    • Fare Details / Discounts
    • Calling / text Facility for contacting driver.
    • Tracking Cab.
    • Payment Integration.
    • Split Fare.
    • Rating for Driver.
  • UBER for Drivers
    • Profile Details
    • Login and Logout drivers means active or inactive for diving.
    • Contact details for contacting passengers.
    • Tracking Passenger.
    • Rating Passenger.
    • Generating Revenue and income Reports.

Time for Development for app like UBER:

  • We are estimated a approximate hours for develop an App like UBER
    • GPS and Mapping – 60 Hours
    • Create  ride and Tracking – 120 Hours
    • Registration and Profile Authorization  – 60 Hours
    • Profile Modification – 30 Hours
    • Reviews Submit – 10 Hours
    • Payment Integration – 70 Hours
    • APP Frame Works – 30 Hours
    • Design – 30 Hours

Cost for Development for app like UBER:

  • If you want to hire and expert developer than only you can complete the above modules in the expected time (approx.).
  • Developer will which your going to hire will take $ 40 to $60 dollar per hour.
  • So we can estimate the cost:
    • Total Hours : 410 hours approx.
    • Hire Charge : $40 -$ 60 per hour
      • Total Cost : $15000 to $25000

I think, you all get some information about Development of App like Uber.

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