Hi Guys, Now we are to talk  the topic about Best Page Builder WordPress Plugins, or we can also know as drag and drop wordpress site builder.

This plugins are one of the best Plugins, using this we can build a website (WordPress Website) without a knowledge of Programming (coding). So using Page Builder WordPress Plugins, everyone can build a own website.

If you are a business owner, you can design your website in your own ways and  ideas.  okkay now we are going to see the plugins.

1. Page Builder by SiteOrgin

  • Easy to use
  • Drag and Drop
  • Suitable with any WordPress Theme
  • Its helps to build a Homepage of your website
  • No coding is required
  • Free and Open source
  • Works with any theme
  • Currently supports  17+ Languages worldwide

You can install this plugin by Searching in Plugin –> Install


2. Beaver Builder

  • Beaver Builder is the best wordpress page builder and its
  • really a drag and drop builder,
  • anyone can use easily.
  • Pre-installed option
  • Helps to make homepage
  • No coding is required
  • Works with all themes
  • Free and Premium version available.
  • Only works on page not in post


3. Divi Theme

  • Easy to use
  • no coding is required
  • Homepage building is very easy
  • works only with divi theme
  • its not free
  • price starts from 69 dollars
  • you can buy then only can install



How to create a Blog? First of all what is a blog?

  • The blog is an online Information website to display and gives information on a topic, like an online journal.
  • Can Anyone start writing a blog?
    • Yes, But you need to select your interested topic.
  • What is the requirement to start a blog?
    • Their Basic requirement is to start a blog is your need a domain name and a Server that is Hosting  and you also need a PC with an Internet connection to access and write this blog
  • Is a smartphone are not enough for Blog?
    • Enough or not is based on you, you can write a blog from your smartphone but can’t set up your website or blog from your smartphone.
  • Is Create a Website or Blog is easy?
    • Anything is not easy in the world without any giving any effort, but your small efforts make a great blog for the world.
  • What is Domain Name?
    • If telling in simple words, a domain name is a name given to your website and which is unique in the overall world eg.: is a website of a single company, no other one has the name as there website or blog.
    • The domain name can be bought from any of the Domain Name Providers if you looking for a best unique name.
  • Then What is Hosting or Server?
    • Hosting is a place where your data is going to be saved.

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  • Is any way of creating blog for free?
    • Yes, there are many ways to create blog for free without investment and you can earn money too using that blog.
  • Where can I create my own blog or website for free?
    • there are many places you can create your know blog for free that is
      • Blogger or Blogspot
      • WordPress
      • Tumbler etc.
    • Many other providers give the option to create your blog for free.
  • What is Blogger or Blogspot?
    • Blogger and Blogspot are named for the similar one. if you visit blogger or Blogspot the destination is similar.
    • Blogspot is one of the products of Google, which helps us to create, start writing a blog without any investment.
  • How can earn money from Blogspot?
    • If your content and post are unique and enough to attract more users day by day, you can apply for Adsense, which is also a product of google. in Blogspot, by default there is the option of Adsense.
  • How to apply for Google Adsense?