How to Create a Blog or Website for Free

How to create a Blog? First of all what is a blog?

  • The blog is an online Information website to display and gives information on a topic, like an online journal.
  • Can Anyone start writing a blog?
    • Yes, But you need to select your interested topic.
  • What is the requirement to start a blog?
    • Their Basic requirement is to start a blog is your need a domain name and a Server that is HostingĀ  and you also need a PC with an Internet connection to access and write this blog
  • Is a smartphone are not enough for Blog?
    • Enough or not is based on you, you can write a blog from your smartphone but can’t set up your website or blog from your smartphone.
  • Is Create a Website or Blog is easy?
    • Anything is not easy in the world without any giving any effort, but your small efforts make a great blog for the world.
  • What is Domain Name?
    • If telling in simple words, a domain name is a name given to your website and which is unique in the overall world eg.: is a website of a single company, no other one has the name as there website or blog.
    • The domain name can be bought from any of the Domain Name Providers if you looking for a best unique name.
  • Then What is Hosting or Server?
    • Hosting is a place where your data is going to be saved.

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  • Is any way of creating blog for free?
    • Yes, there are many ways to create blog for free without investment and you can earn money too using that blog.
  • Where can I create my own blog or website for free?
    • there are many places you can create your know blog for free that is
      • Blogger or Blogspot
      • WordPress
      • Tumbler etc.
    • Many other providers give the option to create your blog for free.
  • What is Blogger or Blogspot?
    • Blogger and Blogspot are named for the similar one. if you visit blogger or Blogspot the destination is similar.
    • Blogspot is one of the products of Google, which helps us to create, start writing a blog without any investment.
  • How can earn money from Blogspot?
    • If your content and post are unique and enough to attract more users day by day, you can apply for Adsense, which is also a product of google. in Blogspot, by default there is the option of Adsense.
  • How to apply for Google Adsense?

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