How to Find My Device | Find my lost Android Phone

How to Find My Device [Android Phone] :

Google’s Android is the worlds largest using mobile Operating System. All the mobile brands like Google’s Android because of the support and user-friendly.

What if I Lost My Phone / Mobile or stolen?

  • Is your Phone is a Google Android Mobile, then there is a very simple way to trace.
  • It is not only for the stolen cases, but many of us also put the phone in silent mode and forget where we have put the phone.

Okay, coming to the point: Find My Device

  • Now how can we find the Phone that’s the Question,
  • Are any special skills required –>> absolutely a big No.

Requirement :

  • You need the other phone or Laptop / PC
  • with an internet connection

One more Requirement is there, the lost phone:

  • Must have a Google account, are u not remember you have a google account or just think are you ever download an app or game from PLAY STORE, then you have a google account, just think the Gmail account that’s your Google account,
  • should have an internet connection Mobile Data or Wi-Fi.

Step 1 :

  • Just open the browser
  • open the website:

Google Find My Device


  • Check is your login to the Google Account (see above photo as 1)
  • Type and Search on google as –>>    Find My Device (see above photo as 2)
  • See Photo – 3 – It shows the device name, Kindly check the lost phone is this
  • And as on photo arrow – 4, In the map the phones are location is showing.
  • If you want more details, as (5) just click the find my device, you will be redirected to the new page as below:

Find My Device

  • See (6) you have got the full details of your Phone.
  • Your phone is located as see on (7)
  • Below to our Photo no 6, you will have many options, Play Sound, Secure Device and Erase Device.
  • Any doubt you can ask in comments, we will help you as possible.



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