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Rameswaram :

Rameswaram or Rameshwaram is a Municipal Town of Ramanathapuram District of Tamil Nadu. It is also known as Pamban Island. It is an island town with an area of 55 square km which is connected by the Pamban bridge with the mainland of India and this is islands are just 40km away from the Mannar Island of Sri Lanka.

How to Reach:

The distance of Rameshwaram from various places and major cities :

  • Madurai – 179 km
  • Chennai – 580 km
  • Coimbatore –
  • Kanyakumari –
  • Bengaluru –
  • Hyderabad –
  • Vishkapatinam –
  • Delhi –
  • Mumbai –
  • Varanasi –
  • Bhubaneswar –

By Air: Nearest Airports to the Rameswaram :

  • Madurai Airport: 179 km
  • Trichy Airport: 223 km
  • Chennai Airport: 580 km

Madurai Airport is the nearest Airport to the Rameswaram. Daily flights are available from all Major Cities of India to Madurai Airport. Distance from Madurai to Rameswaram is 179 Km which can be drive in 3-4hrs.

By Road: Buses from

  • Ramanathapuram: Rameshwaram is one of the Municipal Town of Ramanathapuram District. if you reach Ramanathapuram (Ramnad) Bus Stand, Every 5 Minutes there will be a bus for Rameswaram. Journey time: 50 – 60 mins.
  • Madurai: Madurai is one of the biggest and safest bus stands of Tamil Nadu. Every 10 Minutes there will be a bus for Rameshwaram from the Madurai bus stand. Journey time from Madurai to Rameswaram: 3-4 hrs
  • Trichy: If you reach Trichy, you will get the bus every 30 minutes but it far compares to Madurai. Journey time: 6-7 hrs
  • Chennai: Chennai Central bus stand is the biggest and busiest in India and also in Asia. There are 3-5 daily bus services for Chennai to Rameswaram.
  • Kanyakumari:  6-7 Hrs travel from Kanyakumari to Rameshwaram with a distance of 308 km.


By Train:

Rameshwaram: It is well connected with the railway line and there will be a daily train from various places of nearby cities and other major cities of India.

Madurai: Daily 3-4 Trains is operating from Madurai to Rameshwaram (Travel Time: 3 Hrs)

Chennai: Daily 3-5 Trains are available to reach Rameshwaram from Chennai (Travel Time – 11-13 Hrs)

Uttar Pradesh: Trains to Rameshwaram from Varanasi / Prayaraj is 1-2 weekly trains. 70-80 Hrs takes to reach. this train passes through various state like MP, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh

Rajasthan: Train from Ajmer Jn to Rameshwaram a train in a week which starts from Rajasthan, MP, Nagpur of Maharastra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh.

Madurai to Rameshwaram via Ramanathapuran Train Timing:

  • Daily Local Train Timing (Unreserved)
    • 05:55 am – Departure time from Manamadurai Jn. (48km from Madurai)
    • 06:45 am – Departure time from Madurai Jn.
    • 09:40 am – Departure time from Manamadurai Jn.
    • 12:15 pm – Departure time from Madurai Jn.
    • 18:10 (06:10 pm) – Departure time from Madurai Jn.
    • 01:55 am – Departure time from Manamadurai Jn. Its super-fast express from Chennai
  • The above timing are for the local train which runs daily between this junction. There are super-fast express and express train which coming via Madurai and Manamadurai but some of the trains are not daily.

Places to visit in Rameswaram:

  • Sri Ramanatha Swamy / Rameswaram Temple
  • Five Faced Sri Hanuman Temple
  • Rama Patham Temple
  • Rama Sethu Bridge /Bandh
  • Agni Thirtham
  • Dhanuskodi Beach
  • Pamban Bridge
  • Water Bird Sanctuary


Rameshwaram Temple / Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple

  • Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple is known for Rameswaram Temple, is in Rameswaram Island in the Ramanathapuram District of Tamil Nadu. Nearest Airport is in Madurai which is 180 km distance from this Rameswaram Island. This Temple is easily accessible by a small bus from the main bus stand/railway station of this island. Bus charges are Rs. 5-10 from the bus stand/railway stop.


Five Faced Hanuman Temple

  • It is 2 Km away from the Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple. The Murty (Statue) of Five Faced Sri Hanuman. It lies exactly between the Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple and Main Bus Stand of Rameswaram

Ramar Patham

  • Ramar Patham Temple can be reached by Cab / Auto from the Ramanathaswamy Temple, here we can See the Foot Prints of God Sri Ram. The view from the temple is very beautiful, you can view the max. parts of this island from top of this temple.


Where to Stay :

  • Hotels: Hotels are available from low to all ranges at a nominal price.
  • Dharamshala: Dharamshala in Rameswaram is also available at a reasonable price.



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