How to download YouTube Videos for free

How to download Youtube videos, is it possible to download videos of youtube. Youtube is an online streaming website. Youtube is one of the biggest visiting websites overall in the world. nowaday days we can learn anything and everything from youtube.

Is download youtube video is legal?

Using any third party or other software to download video from youtube is against the terms of youtube, which means you can only able to watch videos online by streaming. for an educational purpose, we are going to explain how to download a youtube video for free without any charges.

Easy way to download youtube videos from a computer or mobile:

Step by Step procedure:

  1. Open any browser in your mobile or computer.
  2. type and visit the website:
  3. Now paste the youtube URL (link) which you want to download in the box
  4.  Click Download
  5.  Your video will start downloading

How to download youtube videos for free



    • If anyone wants to know how to copy the link in youtube
    • How to copy the URL or link in Youtube (see below)
      • Go to the youtube video which you want to download.
      • See below there are many options like dislike, share and save.
      • click on share option, there is an option for copy the link.
      • Click it and paste that link here
      • In mobile also after clicking on the share option, there will a option of a copy link.
      • Click, paste and download


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